"Whatever you wish to bring alive in your students or your staff must be brought alive in yourself first."

My workshops are vibrant, interactive, and built around activities and practices that will open you to new possibilities and horizons, as well as remind you of the things you already 'know' but often forget in the midst of the day-to-day demands of the classroom.

Whether I come to your school for a few hours or a few days, I always do my best to design my time with you to address your specific needs. Of course, the more time I have with you or your team the more deep and tranformational the experience. I promise to use whatever time we have together to help re-new your calling, surface your gifts, and support you and your team on their journey to Teaching Mastery.

In the Garden of Hearts: The Teacher and the Hero's Journey

Based on his new book Pete explores the 'classroom garden' and invites us to undertake the Hero’s Journey...awakening ourselves and our students to the innate power and wisdom that resides within us. Participants will have an opportunity to explore the Hero’s Journey and how it relates to great teaching, including discovering their innate gifts and strengths and developing practices to use them to connect with, motivate, and inspire students on deeper levels.

In this workshop we'll have an opportunity to... Create strategies and practices for managing the affective elements of the classroom ecology...Identify personal tendencies, historical patterns, and automatic behaviors that hinder our effectiveness and create personal practices to break their automaticity...Develop practices for cultivating awareness of how the “soma” (body, mind, heart) impacts the life of the classroom.

A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery

This program, based on Pete’s book, “A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery” will offer teachers a set of tools and practices that they can use to cultivate their craft, a craft that is highly dependent on their personal qualities, resiliency, and the ability to inspire, motivate, and support their students. Extensive research confirms that it's not only what a teacher "knows" about their subject and pedagogy that determines whether students succeed; but also how well they know their students and themselves. This highly interactive program will be an opportunity for teachers to explore how they can successfully meet increasing demands for accountability and keep teaching “a path with heart.”

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation. We heard comments from staff that this was one of the best professional development days they had in years!"

Kim Bartolomucci, Assistant Principal, The Hallen School

"I gained insight/increased awareness of the importance of how our personal gifts affect our teaching and student learning."


"My presence in the classroom has a stronger impact than I sometimes recognize-this was a great reminder."


"I would gladly welcome more opportunities like this one."


"I found today to be inspiring and rejuvenating. I know that my colleagues would benefit and enjoy an opportunity such as this one."


"I  would be interested in engaging in more trust building activities…I also think attending this workshop as a team would be beneficial."


"Today I was able to pinpoint specific attributes that I would like to develop and explore in my teaching practice."


"This workshop really gave me a chance to self-reflect on my personal attributes."


"I think this would be a great two day workshop."


"I would love to engage in this workshop with my team.”

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation. The team left feeling inspired and it was just what they needed moving into the last month of school. I'm going to go to Karen about using your book for our BOOK CLUB and Professional Development. I want to thank you again for your time and energy." 

Steve Rogo, Team Leader, South Orangetown Middle School

Every engagement I commit to, whether it be speaking, leading a workshop, or working with you one-on-one is centered around two goals:

1. Providing the right tools and practices to help you cultivate your best, most effective “self" and to assist you in bringing that "self" to the classroom.

2. Relieving your stress, re-connecting you to your purpose, and re-kindling the joy of teaching within you.

Let’s connect and discuss how I might help you, your team, or your school.