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The Hero's Journey


Join author and educator Pete Reilly, as he guides you on the Hero's Journey, the path of the Master Teacher. This is a CTLE approved, seven week, fifteen hour, online course, structured around Pete's book A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery, as well as a variety of video's, online discussions, and practical assignments designed to apply your learning in the classroom.

“This course was perfectly timed for where I was at mentally with my career and helped to ground me again in the reasons why I became a teacher.”


”I found this course to be inspiring and rejuvenating!”

This an action oriented program focused on helping you develop as a Master Teacher while re-connecting you to your larger purpose and passion. At it's core is the belief that real change requires a courageous commitment to self-reflection, self-discovery and practice. This isn't as easy as it sounds and is the essence of the Hero's Journey.

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The Teaching Mastery Series


The Teaching Mastery Series is a three course, CTLE approved, online course sequence for classroom teachers. 


Course 1 - Teaching Mastery: Self-Reflection

Course 2 - Teaching Mastery: Declarations and Planning 

Course 3 - Teaching Mastery: Moving to Action**


Each course in the series contains (7) modules, with each module composed of two hours of reading, video, discussions, and practices. The course represents (15) hours of work, delivered over a seven week period.


There are no requirements to commit to the entire sequence of courses in order to enroll in any course in the sequence, although they are designed to build on each other.

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Teaching Mastery:



A deep dive into who you are as a teacher.Teaching Mastery: Self-Reflection is an opportunity for you to step back and reflect, gain insight, and develop a detailed personal and professional self-inventory.

You'll look inward to discover and acknowledge your gifts and strengths, as well as the habits, tendencies, and fears that may be hindering your classroom effectiveness. You'll deepen your sense of purpose, examine your core values and beliefs, and explore whether they're supporting or limiting you.


As the course progresses you'll inventory your most important relationships, the levels of trust you have in others, and how well others trust you, as well as take a hard look at your levels of stress and your self-care practices.


All this culminates in a personal and professional inventory that will help you be more aware and more effective in the classroom.


This inventory will serve as the 'You Are Here' arrow on the map that leads to Teaching Mastery. It will provide you with the starting point for your journey, help you identify what you'll need to take with you, as well as what you'll need to leave behind.

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Every course in the Teaching Mastery Series is action oriented, and focused on helping you:


  • Reconnect to your purpose, passion, and calling.

  • Surface your strengths and use your unique gifts more fully.

  • Improve your ability to build trust and cultivate important student relationships.

  • Develop your awareness of habits and behaviors that may be holding you back.

  • Build your resilience and diminish your feelings of stress and overwhelm

  • Improve your ability to resolve classroom conflicts effectively.

Teaching Mastery:

Declarations and Planning

Teaching Mastery:

Moving to Action

Armed with the personal and professional inventory developed in Teaching Mastery: Self-Reflection, step forward to declare and describe the changes you want to make, the new future you desire, and why.

Note: There is no requirement that you take Course 1 first. Teaching Mastery: Declarations and Planning can be taken as a stand-alone course.


As part of the Declarations and Planning process, you’ll identify the external and internal obstacles you'll face as you implement your desired changes, and create and commit to transformational action plans that address the obstacles you identify. 


You'll also surface and set personal and professional expectations, determine your measures of success, and identify, any and all, helpful external and internal resources that you'll need, as well as external sources of support for this part of your journey to Teaching Mastery.



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In this course you’ll focus on making your declaration a reality. Teaching Mastery: Moving to Action is designed to assist you as you engage in the process of personal and professional transformation.

Note: There is no requirement that you take Course 1 or 2 first. Teaching Mastery: Moving to Action can be taken as a stand-alone course.


Moving to Action is designed to support you when you're working outside your comfort zone, help you deal with the fear of failure, and cultivate your resilience when you fall back to old habits.


It will guide you to resolve external conflicts and resistance to change with dignity, as well as build personal and organizational structures to support your changes.


Finally, it will help you manage and track your new practices, measure your progress, and celebrate your successes.

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