"Join me on a journey to cultivate a 'self' that builds trust easily, nurtures student relationships, and connects to both the head and hearts of those you teach and those you lead."

Writing A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery and my new book, In the Garden of Hearts: Meditations, Consolations, and Blessings for Teachers was an amazing experience and labor of love for me. I’d be honored to come to your school to bring their concepts to life within you, your team, your school. I believe that Mastery is possible for each of us, and that now more than ever, caring teachers and school leaders need to be inspired, nurtured, and supported as they navigate school environments that are particularly challenging and stressful. 

But it’s not enough to hear a message that may make you feel good for a few hours or a few days with no sustained change in your situation. The essence of my work with schools is to bring about personal and professional transformation. 

Every engagement I commit to, whether it be speaking or leading a workshop, is centered around two goals:

1. Providing the right tools and practices to help you cultivate your best, most effective “self" and to assist you in bringing that "self" to the classroom.

2. Relieving your stress, re-connecting you to your purpose, and re-kindling the joy of teaching within you.

While these goals might sound “soft” to some, they are truly the foundation of great teaching. I promise never to tell you what to teach, nor how to teach it, no doubt you’re getting plenty advice in those domains already...

... but I’ll do everything I can to help you build on your strengths, surface hidden habits and patterns of behavior that may be holding you back, and assist you in developing a classroom presence that is authentic and effective.

Let’s connect and discuss how I might help you, your team, or your school.