In the Garden of Hearts: Meditations, Consolations, and Blessings for Teachers

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“As a teacher educator and avid gardener, I relate to the gardening metaphor used in Pete’s book In the Garden of Hearts. In my current work as instructor and mentor for both beginning and experienced teachers, this book is invaluable in assisting them to tend to their inner life, their inner garden. In many teacher education programs, the spiritual life of teacher candidates is ignored and not honoured as we pursue knowledge and technique. I feel this book of contemplation is an important addition to any teacher’s professional development garden tools as they journey along their teaching path with all the challenges and successes they will encounter whether seeding or harvesting in their classroom. This volume of blessings is the perfect gift for any teacher that guides the tending of inner gardens. “

- Gary Babiuk, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

"A beautifully crafted set of meditations that uncover what most teachers force themselves to bury amidst stress and testing- our true calling and inner voice connecting us to a higher purpose. A reminder to look for our path on a daily basis and to find hidden gems amongst our daily challenges.”

-Yoshie Otomo, Teacher, Mott Hall Academy of Science and Technology, South Bronx, NY

“It’s easy for one to feel overwhelmed under the weight of responsibilities that each semester brings, which often leaves an educator feeling lost and discouraged, not knowing where to turn. In his new book, In the Garden of Hearts, Pete Reilly demonstrates his knowledge to create a collection that helps restore peace in one’s mind by focusing on what really matters: connection.


Throughout the work, Reilly shares his personal wisdom and experience in this easy to follow daily devotional that helps to guide the teacher through the academic year. The book consists of meaningful anecdotes, blessings, essays, and poems to encourage and inspire the educator in common daily situations, bringing stillness to the mind and heart, ultimately enriching the classroom experience.”

Rachel Karslake, Writing Professor, Siena Heights University