The Mastery Series: Online

"Join me on an online journey to cultivate a 'self' that builds trust easily, nurtures important relationships, and connects to both the head and hearts of those you teach and those you lead."

The first courses in the Mastery Series: Online will be launched Fall, 2017. The Mastery Series has two tracks, Teaching Mastery and Leadership Mastery.

No matter whether you’re a teacher, lead a team, or an organization, you face many daunting challenges, including:

  • Having your purpose and passion overwhelmed by the urgency of your day to day tasks. It’s easy to lose sight of the ‘big’ picture.

  • Overcoming resistance and negativity. Motivating others to ‘buy’ into what you teach, or the direction you’re leading, can be difficult. 

  • Dealing with increasing levels of stress, feelings of overwhelm, and a work-home life imbalance. There’s never enough time or resources for all that you need to get done.

  • Overcoming a lack of trust with those you lead, or those you teach. Some people find it extremely hard to trust others. 

  • Maintaining your resilience so that you can bounce back from mistakes, miscalculations, and changes in the environment more quickly.

  • Finding creative ways to resolve conflicts so that the underlying relationships remain stays healthy and intact.

  • Surfacing and modifying lifelong habits and limiting beliefs that may be hard to see but are holding you back.

  • Doing your best to use your strengths and gifts to bring the best out in others.

All the courses in the Mastery Series are designed around the core belief and supporting research indicating that your personal attributes, the essence of you are, has an enormous impact on your effectiveness, whether it be in a classroom, or as a leader of a team or organization. With that in mind each course in the Mastery Series focuses on providing you with the time and tools for self-reflection, self-discovery, and pragmatic practices to put your learning into action.