Leadership Mastery:

The Power of You! 

LM: The Power of You! is a seven week online course designed to guide you to become the fullest expression of yourself - the authentic leader you know you can be. It's an invitation to become the true leader of your tribe and to use your innate power to help create schools and classrooms that are academically successful, rich in humanity, and filled with joy, curiosity, and discovery.




Being able to break through the endless cycles of negative moods, indifference, and resistance that sap so much of your energy. Imagine how fulfilling it would be to have your staff, team, or students actually excited, curious, and motivated to grow and change.




Not being a martyr for your work, and having time to focus on you, to take care of the parts of you that are essential to your development as a leader. Imagine creating an environment that allows you to stay focused on the big picture while dealing with the challenges you face daily with an energized body, mind, and spirit.




Having your value acknowledged, your voice heard, and receiving  the respect you deserve from those you serve. 

You can make this vision of the future real. But it all starts with You!


  • Are you ready to turn up the dial on who you are and stop giving away your power?


  • Are you ready to say “Yes” to the unique gifts that resides within you?


  • Are you ready to show your team what’s possible for them by living into your own potential?


Are you ready to discover The Power of You!

The Power of You! is focused on looking inward to help you recognize your unique leadership dispositions and personal power.

It only takes a “YES” to start the journey!



1. Noticing/Training Your Attention

2. Purpose and Values

3. Gifts and Gratitude

4. Tendencies and Limiting Beliefs

5. Embodiment and Practice

6. Resilience and Compassion

7. Courage/Boundaries/Failure

      - Self Care throughout the course


Cost: $299


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