"At the heart of every great school are leaders who inspire others."

K-12 educators often confuse administration with leadership. It's high time we crafted a new definition of leadership, one that isn't denoted by a title, one's technical skill, or I.Q. We've all encountered smart people who we have difficulty trusting and would never follow. Why? Because people are ultimately inspired by a leader's presence and way of being, not just their I.Q. Effective leaders inspire others to trust, to stretch beyond their comfort zones, and to do what some might think is impossible.


Interestingly, the dispositions that are the foundation of Teaching Mastery are incredibly similar to those that are present in  great leaders. We might call these dispositions "the personal infrastructure" of the effective leader.

Mahatma Gandhi

Most successful schools have a number of basic elements at their core including an effective leader with a strong sense of mission and purpose. Leaders within these successful schools maintain a set of beliefs and practices that support success.

My mission is to guide leaders in becoming extraordinary.  

My approach to leadership development is unique because I work with leaders from the inside out. The heart of the leadership journey centers around re-connecting to your calling, surfacing your unique personal gifts, and bringing them into your work and your life. Committing to cultivating your gifts is committing to a hero's journey. It takes courage to walk this path, because it's a 'road less travelled', one of personal reflection and practice. And like all transformative journeys there will be times when you'll feel uncomfortable because practicing new behaviors and approaches isn't always easy. Together, we'll create a learning path that focuses on developing your gifts to produce results that will exceed your expectations. I'll also provide leadership practices and coaching to insure that your new learning is applied daily. 

I also work with teams to improve their effectiveness. Is there a clear vision? Are team members aligned to that vision? What is the mood of the team? Is there sufficient trust among team members to work together productively? Do team members honor their commitments? How well does the team handle change? Are there unstated complaints?

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai, Founder of the Green Belt Movement

If you're willing to walk the hero's path...the path of an effective leader, I offer to walk with you and help guide and support you. Like so many great leaders that have traveled this way before, you embark on this journey, not only for yourself, but for a purpose larger than yourself; and as an educator, for our children, and through them the world.

Dr. Martin Luther King

Embodied Leadership Workshop

When a leader’s behavior and actions are congruent with their words, their presence produces trust, engagement and inspiration. The development and practice of this congruence is called Embodied Leadership.

Participants in the Embodied Leadership workshop will learn both the pragmatic skills of effective action and the skills of human interaction. It's in this balance that true leadership resides. Join a cohort of your peers for this unique and exciting seminar.

Participants will develop:

  • An embodied leadership style that motivates others and overcomes resistance to your mission and vision.

  • The ability to stay emotionally balanced in times of adversity and change.

  • The ability to manage the moods of your team.

  • The ability to coordinate effectively with others.

  • The ability to quickly build and maintain trust.

  • The ability to manage administrative stress and overwhelm.

  • The capacity to listen with empathy to the concerns of others.

  • An understanding of what “triggers” you into automatic responses and the ability to pause and choose more effective responses.

  • Your role as the leader of a learning community and be able to provide excellent models of lifelong and embodied learning.

  • A more satisfying work life.

Effective Leadership for Transformative Change

The transformation of education requires outstanding leadership. Whether you're a teacher, administrator, or technology professional, the challenges you face leading transformative change are unprecedented. This workshop will delve in-depth into the key professional and personal elements of transformative leadership. In addition, the workshop will address the stresses that leaders face and suggest strategies for coping while maintaining a balanced home and professional life.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Sitting Bull

What Kind of a Leader are You?

Without effective leadership systemic classroom and administrative change will remain elusive. Effective leadership is less about what you know about technology or your title and more about the kind of a person you are. Leadership is personal. 

Cultivating the dispositions of an effective leader requires personal change. There is no easy path to take. 

  • How will you overcome your tendency to say “yes” to every request when you really need to say “no” to some? 

  • When will you stop avoiding difficult conversations with employees who are not performing to your standards? 

  • Will you ever learn to manage the performance of others when you are most comfortable doing things yourself? 

  • Will you be able to inspire your team so that they are less resentful and  resigned and more open and ambitious?  

  • Why is it that when you try to move others to your vision you get little traction? It’s as if your voice is not heard or valued.

  • How will you build support for the budget you really want, not the one for which you settle each year?

 Little of your mission or vision can be realized without dealing with these very human questions.

The good news is that you don't have to be born a leader. However, becoming one is an arduous journey with few short cuts. Listening to lectures, reading books, writing and talking about leadership provides information and insight but generally will not change your ability to take new actions. Real leadership is more than applying a few tips and techniques. It's a commitment to aligning your values and beliefs with your actions; and that takes sustained commitment and deliberate practice.

Join a cohort of your peers for this unique and exciting seminar. Let it be the catalyst that will begin your personal journey to leadership mastery. ​​

  • Inspire others to action.

  • Build trust with your staff, your organization and across your district.

  • Increase levels of reliability and satisfaction with your staff, students, and team members.

  • Develop the courage to confront challenging issues and difficult people.

Mother Jones

Albert Einstein

Walking the Talk

This session focuses on the leadership skills necessary to chart the course to an intentional future. It will identify the skills that effective leaders need; and will have a special focus on how one goes about developing these skills. Effective leadership can not be developed by reading books or talking; no more than one can learn to play the piano by reading or talking. Effective leadership requires "Walking the Talk" and an ongoing commitment to new practices.

This seminar is an interactive session with participants playing an active part in their learning through activities, exercises, and discussion.

  1. Participants will explore how to inspire others to align around a shared vision.

  2. Participants will explore how to build trust with those they lead, including the community.

  3. Participants will explore how to listen to others and connect to their concerns.

  4. Participants will be explore how to use the power of appreciation to build better relationships.

Neslon Mandela