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Journey Together! 


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After your Embodiment workshop or any of our online courses, LM: Journey Together! offers you an opportunity to continue to develop your leadership effectiveness by working together with a caring tribe of educational leaders committed to sustaining their new practices.

You know from experience that real change and transformation takes time, practice, and support. Going it alone increases the chance of having your good intentions go the way of so many New Year's resolutions. 

If you truly want to create a leadership presence that others respect, trust, and follow, so that you can achieve your vision and goals and help others achieve theirs. 

If you want to bring balance and joy back into your work.

If you're committed to being an effective, authentic and compassionate leader.

Then you know that you'll need to sustain your practices and learning over time.


LM: Journey Together! is a practice group organized for that purpose.

Journey Together with us for three months, six months, or longer. Each month we'll meet virtually via Zoom a free desktop video app that will allow us to interact with each other. The meetings will be organized around your issues, and your concerns, not a set curriculum.


​You'll receive check-ins from your coach and weekly email support. You'll also have a Learning Partner who will provide an even deeper level of mutual support as you bring your new learning into the workplace.


In addition to virtual meetings, coaching, and colleague check ins and support, you'll have access to a private online discussion group, as well as a members only web page with learning resources designed to help guide you on your journey. 

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If you have questions feel free to contact me: pete@petereilly.org 

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