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In the Garden of Hearts: Meditations, Consolations and Blessing for Teachers

"Teaching is a profession rooted in the heart and to master it we’re called to the hero’s journey, the challenging path of self-discovery."

Using the power of secular blessings, powerful meditative stories, poetry, and thoughtful consolations, “In the Garden of Hearts” creates an oasis where teachers can find space…space to step back and look at teaching, and their lives, from a different perspective, a wider lens, that has the potential to open doors to new ways of thinking of about themselves, their classrooms, and their students. 

Today’s teachers labor in an educational system that is complex, stressful, and often, disempowering. “In the Garden of Hearts” provides support and inspiration for the human beings…the dedicated educators, that are called to navigate this challenging terrain. 

"Blessings remind us of our larger purpose and call us to be true to the wisdom of our own hearts. "


Pete Reilly doesn’t tell teachers what to teach nor how to teach it, but rather, using the ‘teacher as gardener' and the ‘classroom as garden’ metaphor, offers much needed nourishment for their heroic hearts. “In the Garden of Hearts” is a refreshing and beautiful book filled with hope for educators traveling the long road to teaching mastery.


This a book that every teacher will want to keep near at hand whether drinking their morning coffee or on their nightstand for a few minutes of reading before bed. If you’re an educator called to help young people find their unique gifts, the power of their own voices, and their life’s grand purpose, then “In the Garden of Hearts” is for you.

"A blessing is an invitation to awaken to ourselves and to claim the power we have to build a life that fully expresses the gift we are, and manifests the gifts we have."