Berj Akian

There is a great adage about how often in life one degree makes all the difference. Berj is passionate about finding those one degrees and using them to make a big difference in education. Knowing that a great carpenter is only masterful with the right tools, Berj set out to improve education by building the best tools for students and teachers. What started as an effort to help one local school integrate a cutting-edge technology environment became a stepping stone that would lead to the establishment of ClassLink, Inc. Prior to paving a new foundation for technology in the educational realm, Berj was with Technology Crossover Ventures, a leading mezzanine venture capital firm. Previous to TVC, he specialized in restructuring and attest services for large technology and educational publishing clients with Arthur Anderson. Berj graduated cum laude from Baruch College in New York.

CEO, ClassLink Inc.

The Teacher's Burden