Great leaders and Master Teachers walk a 'road less traveled'. It's a hero's journey...a path with heart.

Pete Reilly is an author, speaker, consultant, and educator who has devoted his professional life to empowering students, teachers, and administrators to fully utilize their unique gifts and talents.

In the Garden of Hearts: Meditations, Consolations, and Blessings for

Using the power of secular blessings, powerful meditative stories, poetry, and thoughtful consolations, “In the Garden of Hearts” creates an oasis where teachers can find space to step back and look at teaching, and their lives, from a different perspective.

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An Oasis of Peace for the Educator inYour Life!

 Leadership Mastery: The Power of You! 

New Cohort April 16th, 2020

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Leadership Mastery: The Power of You! is a 7 week, online courses focused on providing you with effective strategies and concrete practices to guide you to become the effective leader you know you can be.

No matter whether you're an administrator,  teacher, lead a team, or an organization, you face many daunting challenges, including:

  • Having your purpose and passion overwhelmed by the urgency of your day to day tasks so that you find yourself losing sight of the ‘big’ picture, mission, and vision.

  • Finding ways to motivate others to ‘buy’ into where you're leading, or what you’re teaching, as well as overcoming resistance and negativity.

  • Dealing with increasing levels of stress, feelings of overwhelm, and work-home life imbalance. You feel there’s never enough time or resources to accomplish what needs to get done.

  • Finding time to build important relationships and strengthen trust with those you lead.

  • Maintaining your resilience so that you can bounce back from mistakes, miscalculations, and changes in the environment more quickly.

  • Finding creative ways to resolve conflicts so that the underlying relationships of the involved stay healthy and intact.

  • Surfacing and modifying your lifelong habits and blind spots so that they no longer hold you back.

  • Doing your best to use your strengths and gifts to bring the best out in others.

A Great Gift for a Caring Educator!

A Path with Heart is an invitation to think about great teaching as a journey of personal and professional self discovery. 


Master Teachers understand, and 

research confirms,that it’s not only  what we “know” about our subject and pedagogy that determines our effectiveness; but also how well we know our students and ourselves. 

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A Path with Heart: The Inner Journey to Teaching Mastery

What Do Past Students of Leadership Mastery: The Power of You! Say?

“From the very first day of the class I was able to be more aware of myself as a leader.”


“I loved the personalized attention and immediate feedback!”


“Pete was phenomenal! He took the time to comment on every assignment, post and email that I sent. He was always encouraging and kept pushing me to explore each concept more deeply. I greatly appreciate all of the work that Pete did during this course! You could not find a better mentor!”


“Pete is an excellent facilitator.  Being accountable is part of good leadership - he pushes for it and supports at the same time.”


“I found out so much about myself and have some new tools to use to improve what I do on a day to day basis.”


“Being aware of my strengths and tendencies has caused me to be more thoughtful in my approach to making decisions and working with others.”


“I never expected that it would be this easy to find time to fit in this course. That’s the part I was dreading the most and very rarely did I feel that I couldn’t keep up! I think that’s mostly what made it so valuable for me!”


“It (the course) pushed me to look at the skills I have and what I need to develop to be more effective.”

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